Amulet of the Day – Snake

The Snake – Shedding Fear; Renewing Hope

snakeThis particular amulet comes from a seal carving found in ancient Crete. It is dated back to around 2,000 BCE.

Across ancient Europe the snake was revered, but never more so tham in Crete.

It could shed its skin without dying, making it a powerful metaphor for regenerative forces. Several statues on Crete show a female figure holding a snake in each hand, often staring trance-like, as a prophetic seer.

Snake Gods can be found in many cultures around the world, including India, Egypt, China, the Scandinavian countries, Australia, Native American myths,and the Mayan culture of Mexico as well as the later Aztec.

The Snake amulet comes to remind you that you carry the wisdom of the serpent deep within you. You can address all challenges with the power of the snake within you.

The Snake often comes to a person who has faced or is facing addictions or a difficult past with courage and commitment. You have journeyed to the centre of your soul and faced the “Death Goddess”. Now you are back in the arms of the Great Mother for renewal.

Transformation never ends. The “Dark Goddess” is not an enemy. She is an integral part of the God-force flowing within everything and everyone.

Have you been cutting yourself off from your feminine power? Focusing too much on one side, without balance? It’s time to journey into the Underworld to find and reintegrate those lost pieces of your self.


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