Amulet of the Day – The Comb


combThe Comb tells you that you alone are the decision-maker in your life. Activate the powers of self-reliance. Listen to your inner voice.

When you do this, when you make decisions and act from personal experience, you will be setting in motion an inner power.

Indecision, an inability to make decisions, stems from a feeling that you need approval from someone outside of yourself when making important decisions.

It’s time to focus on your own inner voices, listen to the knowledge you hold within yourself. Focus on your body – what is it feeling? Take the time to learn to recognise your body’s signals. How many times have you walked away from a situation with your body screaming “NO!” and your mind rationalising it away, then woken up days later absolutely livid with rage, knowing that once more you have been manipulated.

When you listen to these inner voices, when you pay heed to the wisdom within, you are able to respond and make decisions in your own best interest. When you listen to your body, you will know what to do.


5 thoughts on “Amulet of the Day – The Comb

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