Amulet Reading

I use the Amulets of the Goddess as a divination tool and as a means of accessing my subconscious thoughts.

Today, I have done an open ended reading, focusing on what will be coming up in my life.

The amulets drawn were

Whirlwinds – Trusting the Invisible

Hand with Seeds – Accepting Responsibility

The Primal Mother Goddess and Child – Infinite Love

Dreaming Goddess – Intuitive Inspiration

Frog – Speaking Out

My initial thoughts upon laying out the amulets were that a change is coming, which cannot yet be fully seen (whirlwind). It is something that I have set in motion and have the tools to deal with (hand with seeds). I am loved unconditionally (mother goddess). Inspiration on where I will need to go will come to me intuitively, or in my dreams. (dreaming goddess). And where ever things lead, I need to speak out about it, and not keep silent. (frog)

Looking deeper.

I have set change in motion (whirlwinds), now I need to detach myself from the results.

If you plant seeds and dig them up to check their progress, they cannot grow (hands with seeds).

Trust that things are moving forward as they should (mother goddess).

Listen to your inner guides. (dreaming goddess)

When the time is right, then speak out (frog)


4 thoughts on “Amulet Reading

  1. Having a real interest in methods of divination, I have to admit that until a few days ago when I read your blog on Amulets of the Goddess, I had never heard of this method. Now I am keen to find out what the Amulets have to reveal for me…would it be possible for you do a reading for me do you s’pose? If so then I would be thrilled, if not, then thank you anyway and of course I shall continue to read your posts. Brightest-blessings Tina (alfiesgirl:)

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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