Communicating with Deity

Pagan Blog Project Week 6 C

I’ve come to understand recently that the method by which I communicate with the Spirit world is not the same as how everyone else does it. And, I’m afraid in some of my writing before this, I may come across as thinking it’s something that everyone and anyone can do just as easily.

No one told me that communicating with the Gods can be difficult.  So,  like Pippi Longstocking, who continually does impossible things because there was no one older and wiser around to tell her she couldn’t, I have been blithely conversing way and doing the impossible, or at least the reasonably difficult.

Talking to the Gods, and other Spirit helpers is for me just as easy as conversing with you here. I think the thoughts in my head, and the response comes in – usually when I have my rational thinking brain pre-occupied with something mundane like washing dishes or gardening, or while playing a game that doesn’t take a lot of concentration. These days I might even use drumming to distract the rational thinking part of my brain. I’ve been having these long conversations with that voice in the back of my head for as long as I can remember. I can even remember singing to it as a child.

Of course, the skeptic will say – you’re just thinking thoughts, it’s all in your head! To which I respond with the words of that great wizard, Professor Dumbledore, “Just because it’s all in your head does not mean it is not also real.”

This intuitive method of communicating with the Spirit world has caused me to feel doubt at times. I read about how others say it is supposed to be done, and I think “Oh, I don’t do it that way, my way must not be as authentic because I’m doing it wrong.” Or, I get caught up trying to do things “the right way” because after all these other people must know better than me, and… nothing happens.

But when I let go of that thinking, and of trying to do things “the right way”, well we are able to talk to each other just fine, whether I am conversing with a Patron God/dess, or consulting the Amulets, or doing shamanic and energy healing work.


How do you talk to Spirit?



Making Circles

Pagan Blog Project Week 5 C



The ritual circle is an integral part of many Pagan religions. We create ritual circles. Stand in stone circles. Contain magic within circles. Initiatory Wiccan religions place a great deal of importance not only on the creation of these circles, but on how one should conduct themselves inside the circle, and by what means one can leave and reenter that circle. The ritual knife is used to cut a doorway through the circle, and to seal the hole once you have passed through. This doorwy then needs to be cut again to allow you to re-enter.

Circles may be used to keep out negative influences, or to contain them. Or they might be used to contain a build up of energy for spellcasting until it is ready to be released.

When I worked with a Wiccan coven the circle was seen as being something fluid and moveble, and not fixed in place. There was no need to cut  doorway if you moved away from the center because as you moved, the circle expanded out with you. Experience showed this to be the case.

These days when I am doing formal ritual I do still make a circle as part of that ritual. It is one of the steps I use when moving from ordinary reality into the non-ordinary reality. I don’t create a circle though to keep out nasties, or to contain a pocket of ordinary reality within the Otherworld. The circle for me is more a portal, a doorway between this world and the Otherworld.

Once through this portal, I don’t invoke Elements or Deities. I am in Their realm. You don’t walk into someone’s house and demand they show themselves because you are there. I don’t invoke, instead I invite. Hello, I’m here. May I come in? I’m here to celebrate X, would you like to celebrate with me?

Pentagram Swirl

Pentagram Swirl
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I don’t make a circle when I do spellcasting because I don’t enter the Other realm and with a few exceptions I don’t call upon Deity to do the magic for me. I may invite a Patron Deity to observe or tell them what I am doing, but I don’t ask them to do the work for me. The energy for creating a spell is contained within myself until I am ready to release it into the world. Again, experience has shown me that this can be very effective.

How about you? Do you create a magic/ritual circle? What were you taught about circles? Do you still believe that or have your perceptions and ideas around circles changed over time?